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Who's Ben Jelen??!!

catwizard's picture
on June 6, 2008 - 1:35pm

Thanks to all of you who told me about the Josh cardboard figures, but see, I was right. A person has to be at the right place at the right time to get one. I liked that NewLine Cinema which had all of the Lord of the Rings merchandise you could order online, carried cardboard figures of all of the handsome hunk actors in Lord of the Rings. It made it fair so that everyone had a chance to have one without having to wait and hope to get one. I did order the plush Sweeney-looking Ty dog with the Josh Groban T-shirt on. I just couldn't help myself. Right now I am so frustrated. I had an autographed CD of Give It All Away by Ben Jelen and it got lost when I moved. I am trying to order it and isn't working---grrr. Oh--if you haven't heard of Ben Jelen, where have you been? Nessa can tell you all about him. He is so nice, talented, and gorgeous. He plays piano, guitar, and violin. He writes all of his own music and produces it. He used to work in a sound studio. He has 2 really good CDs out called Give It All Away and Ex-Sensitive. Google his website and you can hear Ex-Sensitive and just check out his website. Yes--I still love Josh. JOSH GROBAN IS MY HERO!!! LONG LIVE JOSH!!!

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