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Terrible, terrible, terrible!

vijaykumar's picture
on June 7, 2008 - 12:03am

I am a terrible person! I have a like/ hate relationship with my nephew, well, technically he’s my 2nd cousin through marriage, but we refer to each other as aunt/ nephew and I can honestly say that I do not care for him and for the most part I feel bad about it, but I also look forward to him irritating me. I guess it started about two years ago when everyone was at my house for Thanksgiving dinner and he took a toy from my youngest son who was 2 at the time and then hit him hard. When he was called on it by his mom he lied about it and then said, “well, he’ll (my son) just have to get over it and stop crying”. Now I understand that he was 3 at the time and kids say the craziest things, but I couldn’t believe that all the adults thought it was funny. This response only encouraged him to torment my child even more through out the night. I wanted to unleash my oldest on him, but I know… two wrongs don’t make a right, but I didn’t think I could get away with pummeling him myself.

Then a year ago we were at my cousin’s house for dinner and some how the remote to the tv in his room ended up in my diaper bag. When I saw HIM and his dad the next day I returned the remote and his father said “Oh look, Aunty stole your remote controller… Bad Aunty” and I laughed it off and told him “I’m sorry I don’t know how the remote got into the diaper bag”. Well, that brat told me “Aunty, it’s not a remote. It’s a remote controller. Say it with me RE-mote con-trol-ler. I can’t hear you. Say it. Say it! Daddy she’s wrong, make her say it with me.” This time I was dropping my kids off at the daycare and didn’t want to risk getting expelled for putting the hurts on the kid. Especially since they have cameras in each room- evidence for legal action.

Yikes. Now that I’m writing this I can see how petty I am, but the kid just rubs me the wrong way and I can’t seem to shake it. I still plan things with his family because we are family and I keep hoping that it’s a phase that one or both of us will out grow… eventually, but we all went bowling tonight and guess what? Still bugs me. Does he really have to tell my boys that they stink at bowling? I work hard with the boys to just try their best and cheer each other on, not tease them. Am I raising sissy boys? Oh well. I know my boys misbehave and I tell you what. Their *#@! does stink AND clogs the toilet. Don’t even ask me how an almost 4 year old’s poop clogs the toilet EVERY other day and trust me, it’s not the tp.

Well, that’s it for tonight. We’ve have a birthday party to go to and guess WHO we’ll see tomorrow!!! Fun! *try not to be petty… be the adult… let it just slid off you back…don’t sweat the small stuff…be happy he’s not your kid…*

P.S. Thanks for the comment FlippedOverJosh02! I’m new to this whole journaling thing and appreciate you throwing your two cents my way  although, now the pressure is on to try and make you laugh again.

P.P.S. Does anyone use P.S/ P.P.S anymore? Geez I’m getting old. Don’t know how to maintain a journal and using outdated writing protocol.

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