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Cardboard Joshs and Orlandos

catwizard's picture
on June 9, 2008 - 2:17pm

I feel so guilty for not journaling for awhile. It takes me so long to type that I get really frustrated. I am stuck in town this summer and bored out of my head. The dating online is ridiculous which I kinda thought it would be. These guys write all these romantic things that they don't mean. LOL--romance with these guys is really dead. All I really need is that cardboard Josh to talk to and stare at all day--who needs other guys?!! And while I'm at it, I wish I could replace the cardboard Legolas/Orlando Bloom that I lost. I can just imagine having Josh and Orlando to stare at all day. Wow--what fun that would be. I just wish it didn't take 2 years for Josh to go on tour. I saw the Closer tour, but missed the Awake tour. Don't ask me how I missed the Awake tour or I will cry and not stop. Not much else to say so away I go in search of cardboard Joshs and Orlandos.

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