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vijaykumar's picture
on June 9, 2008 - 5:27pm


For my heart. :)

Winged Angel
Fallen from grace
Hells fury
Upon your face.
How will you ever
Earn your wings?
Your heart breaks
While her heart sings.
Coming forth my moonlights rays
Shall heal your heart till the end of days.

Forever wandering
The endless night
Will you ever again
Be happy in flight?
We wander the world
Scared, lost and alone
Will you ever find a place
That you call home?
Do you remember the night on that small little boat?
That long flowing hair, and that long forgotten coat?

Long ago, in a land of great shame
You met a girl
Who came without a name.
She watched you and wondered "Who was this small man"
She never got scared
Only offered her hand.
From that moment on
She saw the real you.
She was not backing down
So what could you do?

You opened your heart
And doubted her never
And from this moment on
She'll be your friend forever.
In this big, bad cold world
There are liars, cheats and thieves
Not many friends to pick from
Does this happen to leave.
On the night of the full moon, Sit on top of your tree
Look up to the night, and ask "Where could she be"

Winged angel
Fallen from grace
Wings torn from your back
And blood stained on your face.
One day soon, you shall rise forever
With wings made of silk, lace and some leather.
Remember that dragon
Who held that small girl
One day when her world,
Ended in a whirl.

Aways remember the stories of old
And never forget
The nights you were cold.
Deep down inside
You know she is near
Always eager to tell you, she holds you so dear.
One day soon you say remember as well
And be able to feel and have stories to tell

When your freedom finally arrives
And your chains are broken
Come forth into the light
And take your small token.
This token was retrieved
That last night you had your wings
Into the night we went
While the mighty dragon sings.

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