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on June 9, 2008 - 9:47pm

"The hope that pervades A Prayer for Peace is a profound reminder that through fervent prayer each of us might find peace - for our soul first and perhaps for our world as well. "

-Thomas Kinkade


May there be.....

Peace for those tonight feeling temporarily lost from their path....

Peace for those who feels an ache in their heart so deep

Peace for those who feel alone, even though we are not

Peace for those who feel the pain of not being with a loved one

Peace for those who lost so much and is starting over again in life

Peace for those who lost inspiration

Peace for those who cannot find a friend

Peace for those who lost their connection to their heart

Peace for those who's dreams were broken

Peace for those who let pointless worries cloud there mind

Peace for those who are trying to make all this right again.........


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