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on June 12, 2008 - 12:47pm

I'm writing now while I still can. My fiance's birthday's this weekend, and it's going to be a busy time. He's going out drinking with friends on Saturday night, and then a lot of his family is getting together on Sunday.
As much as I like spending time with him, spending a night in a dirty, smelly bar specializing in beer and where they're not always nice to women is not my idea of a good time. Every time I try to hint that it might be more fun for him if it was just a guys' night out, he says he wants to be with ME and it doesn't matter where.
And this is where we differ. He wants me with him at everything, regardless of what it is, the logic being that we'll have more fun if we're together. I try to just ask him along to things that I know we'll both enjoy, otherwise he gripes through the whole thing, I feel guilty for "dragging him into this" (at his own insistence) and no one has any fun.

Edited to include the latest insane thing Josh drove me to do: I entered that 106.7 contest in New York. I can't say, "Nothing will come of it, I never win anything" because that's not true anymore, not after April. Or maybe I can because I freely admit that my entry was stupid. It wasn't any worse than some of the others I saw, but it was no great writing either.
All I can say is that they'd better give winners more notice than, oh, TWO HOURS this time! That's not enough time to choose an outfit, get your hair blown out, call friends and actually get there.

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