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my computer knows i've missed you all

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on June 13, 2008 - 8:29pm

it still isn't working as it used to, but enough to let me in here.

thank you all for the comments.

so, the whole story about Two was really, my dad and other co-workers went to a site to fix something (don't know really) and somehow found out that the previous owners of Two Socks didn't want him anymore and wanted to put him to sleep.
so, my dad felt bad and brought him here.

he's a labrador (how do you spell that?) mix.
he's still a puppy, but it's the size of my full grown dalmation.

guess what?
WE'RE KEEPING HIM. Two Socks should thank my dad for that.

that means more work for my mom.
i love dogs, and i love this dog...he's SOO adorable..but we have already 3 dogs and it's so much work...but, we're keeping him.
he's living in the back yard, with my dalmation Lady, and my other dog, Willie.
my tiny dog, Rooster is living inside.
so, there you go.

veronica, sorry i didn't respond to your text.

well, my brothers graduation was yesterday and i'm so proud.
afterwards, he left with his girlfriend, and classmates to Disneyland. the school took them, and he got home around ...i don't know what time, but it wasn't thursday.

the speeches were incredible. i saw my music teacher, Mr.Harvey...i still recognize and remember all my teacher names.

hopefully, my computer is still being nice and will let me on tomorrow.

i would love to read all of your journals, but i can't over-work the computer just yet.

have a great night, or day....depending where you live.

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