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Floating away...

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on June 14, 2008 - 10:16am

Today is the first real day of sunshine we've had here in the Milwaukee, WI area in weeks! I'm enjoying it.

Last weekend, WI was hit with severe rainstorms - The state is under a state of emergency due to the severe flooding. Another severe storm swept through the state last Thursday causing more flooding.

Many Hwy's and local streets are still closed... Basements still have standing water and those families that were able to stay are trying to salvage what they can. Many families are still evacuated and living in make-shift shelters waiting for the okay to go back home. Some families have nothing left to go back to since the storms knocked their homes off the foundations and sent them floating down river.

I was out in Hartford late yesterday afternoon -- by the Rubicon River. The park that the river flows through is under 3-4 ft. of water. The river continues to rise as the city prepares for the next big rainstorm predicted to sweep through the state sometime this weekend.

Today when I was out shopping, I saw an elderly man sitting on a corner begging for money and a place to stay because he lost everything in the storm/flood. When I gave him $5.00 to get something to eat, he thanked me and explained his house flooded and is a complete loss.

I've been doing what I can to help out my friends and their families whose homes have flooded... Although I wish I could do more, it's all I can at the moment.

Seeing the aftermath of the storm/flooding is saddening. It makes a person realize never to under estimate nature's fury, never believe things won't happen (because they can), and never take anything for granted.

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