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save me from myself

lindyjean's picture
on June 16, 2008 - 7:49pm

i was just on ebay....i'd bid on something i shouldn't have--a big 2ft x 2ft poster of the Awake Live cover, with words below talking about the release date, etc. i was hoping someone would outbid me, and with 15 minutes to go, they did....i heaved a sigh of relief, but then, I WENT AND UPPED MY BID!!!! immediately, i thought, what are you doing, you fool???? you know your budget cannot afford it!!! i have to say, i just bought a 2ft x 2ft lightbox poster of the CD cover, minus the words, so it just looks like the CD cover, only huge. That just came in the mail today. it's made of a heavy, pliable plastic, and has a smooth textured surface to it. it's awesome---i have the lightbox poster for, "Noel", and it's more like xray film, with a very high gloss. The one i got today is way nicer. So, i spent too much for that, and here i am, bidding on something the same size, nearly the same image, but with a foamboard backing. Thank goodness, i was outbid! i sometimes get caught up in the frenzy, and that's what i did today. i've bid against this person a number of times, and we're about even on our wins. so, joshed81, whoever you are, enjoy the poster. i have other foamboard-backed posters, and they are really nice. the finish is satiny and they have a nice heft to them, way more substantial than a simple paper poster. and thanks for bidding that extra dollar, because i have no control when it comes to josh!

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