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rain the greatest alarm clock of all

laurel's picture
on June 16, 2008 - 8:52pm

It poured rain so hard here at 5:30 this morning that it woke me from a beautiful sleep.Now it is early evening and I am completely wiped out.I actually though it was a car motor running it was raining that heavy and that loud.It only lasted 5 minutes but still once I am awake I am awake.
The sun shone for the rest of the day and now it is a glorious evening,not a breathe of wind,the birds are chirping as they get to bed and the street is quite of cars.It is so wonderful to have days like these.
My uncle has lost his battle with cancer and he past late in the night last Friday it is so sad to not have him with us but it is merciful that he is no longer struggling.He was only 60 years old and he truly has the heart of a lion.We will miss him so much and I so respect his journey.GOD bless him and kept him always!Family will be here for the weekend to celebrate his life and remember his spirit.We are so scattered throughout Canada that it will take some members a few days to make the trip so we have to wait an entire week to say our goodbyes.I am the only close relative to my aunt in the city so I am trying to help her with all the little things that she needs done.Tonight is just a quite night and I do believe she is trying to have private time and possibly get some sleep.She is so strong and was my uncle's angel through his battle-they love each other so much and it breaks my heart that she has lost her Darryl.

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