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Sweeney Is A Sweetie!!!

catwizard's picture
on June 17, 2008 - 5:06pm

I got my plush Sweeney today!!! He is so cute. I was really impressed to see that Josh had commissioned the Ty company that makes Beanie Babys to make Sweeney. I know Josh is a perfectionist (I am too) so I am sure he personally OK'd the Ty company to make Sweeney--it is supposed to be and look like Sweeney, and not just a plush dog with a Josh shirt on it--the Ty tag actually does say Sweeney on it. It really does look alot like Sweeney and is very huggable, even to a grown up like me. I have Sweeney in a place of honor on my computer desk so I can see him all of the time and think of him and Josh. I am sure Josh himself personally checks everything sold in his store to make sure it is good stuff. BTW, I wonder how Sweeney's paw is doing. Nessa said Josh was on KOST and Josh said that Sweeney had hurt his paw, the vet wrapped it, but he was limping on it. I wish I could ask Josh how Sweeney is doing. I also would have told Josh to get a second opinion from another vet because I inferred from what Nessa said that Josh acted like it wasn't normal for Sweeney to limp after getting a vet's fixup. Does anyone out there know what is up with Sweeney???

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