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I swear I'm still here

lfranklin's picture
on June 17, 2008 - 7:32pm

Really... I swear I'm still here. It's just a bad month.

Seriously, June has been cursed since Mom passed away and by some strange twist of fate, my life goes beserk from mid March until the 24th.

Work is still crazy, the ice is still out (three days late too!), my coach is still gravely ill and I got a flat tire to go with the burnt out headlights. If I didn't know me, I'd swear I was making all these calamities up.

On the bright side, my family is safe and sound and healthy and for that I'm really very grateful. Even my uncle with pancreatic cancer is doing the "Franklin" thing and getting better to the amazement of his doctors. So thanks to all the amazing people out there who have put in a kind word for us with the higher powers. Your kind efforts are paying off!

Okay... deep breaths, throw on YAL (or better yet, to the treadmill to watch the DVD for the 12th million time), play with my dog, cook a nice dinner. It's just the wieght of the world!

PS- Append in a "run to nearest bookstore" and "buy copy of July In Style magazine"... JOSH!!!!!

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