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my niece is officially a grobanite!!

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on June 17, 2008 - 10:54pm

i'm so proud!!

she's 7 months old.

on sunday, she was sleepin in my bed and i was watching Awake Live.
Leilanni woke up before josh sings Alla Luce Del, i pick her up and i go to turn off the television, to go downstairs at our Father's Day BBQ.
she wasn't looking at the screen when Alla Luce started, but once Josh started singing she whipped her head up to the screen and stared through the whole song.

after, lucia goes up to perform and Leilanni loved her. she stared at lucia's performance and she kept trying to reach for the violin.

i'm so proud of my niece....and myself. if it wasn't for me, she wouldn't know of josh.

this is her stareing at josh:

here she is stareing at lucia:

i told my brothers, and one of them said..."why do you do that? how do you do that? HOW do you do that?"

i started's josh...who doesn't like him?

my brother admit it to liking josh's music. HA! when i asked him what song he likes, he didn't know the name of it, so he started SINGING IT!!!!!!!!

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