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on June 19, 2008 - 6:35am

So today was the WASH FM radio tour stop. I entered for tickets over and over again, but I didn't get them. So I went anyway. My best friend Kimmi and I went to the station, and there were already a couple women standing outside, so we asked them if they had tickets and they said no. We were in the same boat so we chilled with them, and a few more women came by around 7. Josh came up at about 7 25, and had to be inside at 7 30 so on the way in he didnt really have time to talk but promised he would come back.

The six of us (that was the grand total lol) listened to the broadcast together. He sang Awake and it was absolutely beautiful, no surprises there.

When he came out, he signed my copy of Awake Live and I took a picture with him. I swear, having his arm around me was the most perfect moment of my life.

I was finally able to tell him that it was thanks to him that I was going into classical voice. He told me to send him something through myspace. I freaked. I was also able to tell him I was Golde in Fiddler, and he got a kick out of that one. He was all "oh yeah I was Tevye" and I was like "yeah I know" lol.

I tried to tell him that my mother was crazy and wanted me to give him a copy but all I got out was the part about my mom being crazy so hes probably pretty confused right now.... hahaha.


I love you, Josh. Thank you for an amazing memory.

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