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on June 19, 2008 - 9:30am

It's not, but I wish it was.
So the Z100 interview is tomorrow, and so is the brunch. I'm not going (if I had won, you would've been able to hear about it from space), and I'm pretty okay with that. I didn't like my submission - I should've posted the GrobAngel costume picture, but that might've been too confusing. Besides, how much luck is one person allowed? In this area, I think I may have exceeded my quota. But I'm still going to try to look nice and dress up tomorrow - you never know who I might see!
Despite entering that contest and wanting to buy every magazine that Josh has been in lately (three this month by my last count), I haven't listened in 5 weeks. I just haven't been in the mood to and don't know why.
And don't say I'm depriving my baby of culture and beauty...Lilith gets that when I play his songs on the piano. The last time I did, she climbed on my lap and fell asleep, not caring about the noise above her head.
I only wish she'd sleep when we do. I move all the toys with bells out of the bedroom at night, but that doesn't stop her from racing around the room, jumping on the bed, biting toes and sleep masks, and, on one memorable morning, climbing the bedside lamp. All this, and yet she is STILL cuter than any human baby I've ever seen.

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