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late night

laurel's picture
on June 19, 2008 - 11:45pm

I am just finished watching Josh for about the dozenth [new word I just made up]time on AWAKE LIVE and I can't get enough of him.I hope to see him again soon to have another live experience.He is so completely amazing!!!
I just noticed out my south window that there is lightening breaking the dark sky.It is too far off for me to hear any thunder but it is quite amazing to see off in the distance.It will be just north of the US border from for me to see it and not hear it.I live quite close to the border but not as close as when I grew up in small town Saskatchewan [a province in Canada].I miss the quick jaunts across the border to have fun and meet new people,but then again I don't seem to travel as much as I used to,money seems to be needed in other places these days.
My tattoo is starting to heal and take on the look of the finished product.It has to rid itself of the dead skin to appear as it should, which lightens it up a bit, but it still looks great.I am so glad that I did it as I gives me a thrill to have it.My daughter's is healing nicely as well.It looks just great and suits her perfectly.
My daughter and her boyfriend have just come in and are nosier than you can imagine,mostly opening and closing of doors and getting something to snack on in the kitchen.It probably seems louder than what they actually are because I have been sitting in a quiet house with Josh singing to me real low.i find I have to turn him up a bit to hear him as well,hopefully they will go down stairs soon so I can finish listening to Josh without interruption.

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