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Last night....

Rileysmom's picture
on June 21, 2008 - 12:19pm

we went out to eat. We wanted to do something different so we drove down to Calhoun's at Fort Loudon Lake. It's gorgeous down there. We sat out on the terrace overlooking the lake and all the boats as we ate BBQ and key lime pie.

This morning Robert called me from work telling me he couldn't find his debit card and that he probably left it at Fort Loudon. Accck. When you lose a debit card, it's a bit more scarey than a credit card. If someone decided to take it and run....we would be in a heap-0-mess.
So we called this morning and sure enough, they had it. But.....I didn't want to drive ALL the way back down there with gas prices the way they are. It would be easier to just cancel it. Especially if someone tried to use it. What a pain.

Me and Riley ran around this morning getting stuff together for camp next week.
I think I'll be ok. I know Riley will get homesick, but this will be good for him. He's excited about going, he just doesn't realize towards the end of the week....he's gonna want to come home to momma.

It's the first day of summer!!!

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