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Joshin' days and lobster milkshakes

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on June 21, 2008 - 8:15pm

A popular sign-off I've notice here is "Have a Joshin'/Josh-filled day, everyone!" I certainly have over the past two days. On Thursday evening, I stopped at the newsstand and bought every magazine Josh has been in lately (Details, In Style, People). I read them on the train and couldn't take my eyes off him. I see from the In Style story that Josh reads the Wall Street Journal and loves LA. I'm a Times woman and love New York, but I love you anyway, Josh.
On Friday morning I got a special solstice treat: the Z100 interview! I got in to work extra early to figure out how to listen to it on my computer. I got it worked out, and by some miracle no one bothered me while I was listening to it. It's official: The sound of that voice singing, talking, whatever makes me smile. I spent the rest of the morning with a huge grin on my face. I went for a long walk on my lunch hour to see who I'd run into, but all I got out of that was two new T-shirts and a cupcake. Not bad all things considered, but...
I didn't see Josh today either, but I was far too busy and in parts of Manhattan some people don't think to go to. After a very successful shopping day, I got dinner at Ed's Lobster Bar. The restaurant looks like the kind of place you'd visit on the beach, but the prices are pure New York (translation: EXPENSIVE!). With such realities in mind, I just ordered a drink and a bowl of lobster bisque. I was told that during the summer, they serve their bisque chilled. I've never eaten anything like that, but was sure it'd be okay. And it was. As I told my waiter, "It was the tastiest lobster milkshake I've ever had." That's the best description I can give that cream-based soup.

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