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Up and running!!!

Veronica1776's picture
on June 23, 2008 - 10:33pm


I am up and running (well, not exactly running, but you guys know what I mean!!)
I feel to good, and best of all I am ready for projects. I feel like getting ready for donations, auctions and helping others!!!
I feel so elated!! I think I will start a cross-stitching project, I think I was going to do that along time ago (didn't I tell you about it Nessa??) and I left it for one thing or another. Tomorrow, I will get the stuff tomorrow and start, I want to get a hold of an Instyle Magazine, there is a good pic of Josh there, that would be an awesome gift for Grobanites for charity, if they can get something for it, more power to them !!!!
We all need to HELP, HELP,HELP!!
I know what you are all thinking, but, i am off Vicodin, have been to 3 days.
I just feel so great and now I feel I can do anything!!

I love you guys, you have been so kind in your warm wishes for my speedy recovery, now I feel I need to do something to show how grateful I am to God that I am well and alive!!

Gotta go,
bye for now.

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