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Life is grand

iDance2GrobanTunes's picture
on June 24, 2008 - 8:26pm

Hey everyone! What's new?
I love summertime. So many beautiful flowers... along with swarms of nasty mosquitos. blah. But I love the sunshine!
I just finished being part of a production of Honk Jr. which was so much fun! I had been nervous before the show and thought of Josh sitting out in the audience which gave me some extra strength to walk out on the stage.
So, I had watched Awake Live with a friend and we decided we needed Josh pillows to hug when watching anything Josh related. We hope to start making them soon and are open to any design ideas you may have! There are already blankets (and one pillow..) in the Josh Groban store... maybe more pillows will be next!!
Well, no other exciting news. My birthday is this Sunday and I hope to get Awake piano music!

Have a good week!

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