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I Loathe Billy Ray Cyrus

GROBanMELODY's picture
on June 24, 2008 - 10:23pm

*His hair is flat too...

I seriously cannot stand him. Watching him as host of Nashville star is the most utterly boring and painful thing I've ever seen. I only watched DWTS when Kelly Monaco (one of my fave actresses on General Hospital) was on and I don't care about the whole dance show trend so I certainly did not watch Billy Ray. I don't care if his daughter is famous. He has the personality of a lima bean- bland bland bland. Ryan Seacrest delivers his lines with absolute cheesiness but it's personality at least- Billy Ray talks in a monotone voice and stares directly at the teleprompter. He says the same generic thing after each singer "That was great Bob" "Fantastic Sue!" even if it wasn't...he asks the contestants questions w/o looking at them because he's too busy reading it off of the teleprompter that's how bad it is...There's not an inkling of the WHO....will be the American Idol intensity Ryan gives to the camera. I have to mute Billy Ray every time or I go crazy. I never even got into Nashville Star before (even though my main genre of music is country) because I 100% hated with a passion the song from the first season's winner. It was about some kid and her grandpa and the milky way and it was just so drippy I couldn't stand it and it was way over played on radio so that turned me off from the show at the start. But I decided to give this season a try and I'm totally loving the Hispanic George Strait dude. He has a really great voice and I love his twang and I am just totally amused by him because country music is predominately white (I have seen a few more black artists) but I believe he is the first Hispanic country artist I have ever heard of and I really think he's great. Billy Ray can go away forever. Ugh....

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