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My Really Cool Recording Session

lexiarayne's picture
on June 25, 2008 - 10:31am

So when I talked to Josh and he said "send me something" my instinct was to send him my senior solo from chorus which was "Quando m'en vo'" from La Boheme...

The only problem is that I don't have the CD from the spring concert. I freaked out and emailed my choral director and told him the entire story, but he said the CDs wouldn't be here for another two weeks....

That was bad. I didn't want too much time to go by because I was afraid Josh would forget or something. My next reaction was to call my friend Sylvia who is also a Grobanite to ask her to come over to help me re-record the song.

She came over on Sunday afternoon and we watched Awake Live for inspiration, lol, and then we recorded the song about 6 times because things kept getting messed up... but finally, we had a rough, but useable recording that I thought was worth sending to Josh. I set up the song on a myspace, and then friended THAT myspace from my REGULAR myspace and messaged Josh. The message, again, was more professional than Grobie "OMJOSH I LOVE YOU BLAH BLAH BLAH!" which I think is good. I linked the myspace with the song to the message, and the profile picture on both of the myspaces is the picture of us together from when we met.

Now I have to wait. I can't be patient... I'm too nervous.... It's not like I expect him to love my voice immediately and ask me to come record or anything, but I want him to be impressed. I want him to think that this is worth his time and I want him to know that he SERIOUSLY is the reason I sing.

What if he hates it???? I mean, even if he did he wouldn't tell me, but I would feel stupid for wasting his time... and if he thinks I suck that would be like REALLY bad for me... I mean I'm going to college next year for voice but if my IDOL, my INSPIRATION, my LIFE, thinks that I'm not good enough then I would completely rethink all of that. I'm not lying. His opinion is everything.... and now all I can do is wait for it.

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