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edamame is delicious!

Nessa7's picture
on June 26, 2008 - 9:08pm

today...i did nothing.


tomorrow, we're having my brother, niece, nephew, cousins over to have some NACHOS!!

and of course, i'll be watching Ellen and Josh do Guitar Hero.
i can't believe i was there. i'm HUGE fan of Ellen's and of Josh's. (that's a given)

josh was saying, "she put me on easy!" in an interview last week.
"when you play in expert and someone puts you down to easy it's like going back!"

gotta love him!! i would definitly loose if i challenged him in Guitar Hero.

today, he was on GMTV...the interview video is floating somewhere.

i have the link, so just copy it and paste it on your address bar.

EDIT: i just saw the clip. very very very nice! i didn't notice, but when i was watching it, my mom put the television on mute and was listening..she is a fan.

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