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This Summer Semester is Rough

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on June 27, 2008 - 10:45pm

I can't believe I haven't written in so long! I guess I have been busy!

Ok... the calculus is really busting my chops. I "THINK" I have a 70% in the class, but with my teacher.... WHO KNOWS.

The financial management class is so far an A, but I think it will slip to a B and I am thankful for that.

The school project is progressing nicely and I am enjoying working on t.

Here is the rough new- As of Tuesday, my hubby will be out of a job. He was a contractor for a company, but they got slammed. BUT he does have 4 interviews for next week! I really hope that he can slide right into something ASAP.

I have decided that I am not going to work these last 2 years of my bachelors degree. I have too much on my plate already.

Ok, I am off to bed because I have to go and study all weekend long because of test on Monday and homework due on Tuesday.

Just Believe

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