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home for a hoilday

laurel's picture
on June 30, 2008 - 11:47am

It is the Canada Day weekend and we headed my home town for a few days to camp with my siblings.The small community had dedicated a structure to my father in the Kinsmen picnic grounds and named it Ray's Room.It is an open building with a roof on it to set your picnic tables in and enjoy shade or you can sit and read in it.There is a plaque to commemorate dad and my mom had to cut a ribbon at a ceremony.We all went to my brother's farm and camped out there for a couple of days.HOLY HOT though 33 degrees celsius and today it is 36 degrees.Every one got a burn somewhere on their bodies,mostly their feet as for some reason no one thought to sunblock their feet.
We are now back in the city and trying to get things unpacked and organized.It sure feels good to sleep in our own beds and have a nice long shower.Our pets are happy we are home as well.
We found a little black and white baby bunny in our yard upon our return and we are so glad that we found the owners of it.We caught it and then I went door to door to find if someone was missing their baby.It turns out the bunny lives only 3 doors down and the children were happy their bunny is home.What a sweet little rabbit though it is so tiny and adorable.I did not,however, need another pet and if no home was found that is exactly what would have happened.Everything turned out as it should.

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