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46664: Nelson Mandela Birthday Concert

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on June 30, 2008 - 9:45pm

was premiered today on VH1. i'm watching it for the second time right now and i so wish, every second, that i wanted to be there. not just for josh, but for mr.mandela (aka madiba) , will smith, peter gabriel, QUEEN.

here are the times i spoted josh through the whole 1 1/2 hours. (i wish they could have shown the whole concert)

*he was interviewed on the red carpet and asked about 46664. what mandela ment for him and gave nelson mandela a birthday greeting.

*before a commercial break, a clip of him saying, "we love you with all our hearts."

*when madiba went on stage with all the celebrities and sang him happy birthday...when they all applaud i saw josh's hair shakin. (HAHAHA!) yeah, just his hair.

*i saw tariqh walking down a ramp while the host introduced amy whinehouse.

*before another commercial, josh was walking UP the same ramp waving at the camera. adorable!

*his performance of 'weeping' with vusi malasela was amazing. the didn't show 'machine.'

*the last song was lead by amy whinehouse. 'free nelson mandela.' all the stars joined on stage. josh was behind/next to amy. there were kids with black 46664 t-shirts and josh hid behind them. LOL. everyone was jumping and clapping and dancing...josh was just clapping. (he's such a cutie!) he did sway back and forth a couple of times.
the camera guy actually got a close up of just josh, and he had a huge smile on his beautiful face.

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