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on July 1, 2008 - 4:41pm

i was supposed to be camping for four days. we went to the southern end of the Big Sur coastline, and there are wildfires burning out of control up there. we were told our campground was open, if a little smoky, so we went. when we checked in, the ranger told us that they were under an evacuation advisory, but it was business as usual for now. so, because almost everyone had cancelled their reservations, we had our choice of spots. we got a great spot, under a stand of coastal redwoods, beside a lovely, fast-flowing creek. there were about 4 or 5 other campsites occupied, and plenty of room for everyone. we spent nearly 2 hours making our camp, as my husband is a Cabela junkie, and has more stuff for camping than we ever need. our daughter and her boyfriend joined us, and they set up their tent. we talked, and had hors doevres--yes, we don't exactly rough it---and drinks, and then sat down to a nice dinner of new york steaks, baked potatoes, and corn, with wine, of course. we try to be very civilized when we camp!!! about halfway thru the meal, the ranger comes up on his ATV, and tells us that we are now under mandatory evacuation, but are in no danger. they were just giving us a heads-up, and we had to be out by noon today. they were removing civilians because the CDF wants to come in and light back-fires to make a larger fire break for the fire to the north, and he told us, "they never really know how these kinds of strategies are going to go", so they wanted us out. So, we went to bed, and got up this morning and packed up, and now i'm home. so much for four days in the redwoods, relaxing and communing with nature. oh well.....i took a good long shower, washed my hair really good, put on conditioner....and it still smells like a campfire!!!

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