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I am feeling the burn!

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on July 1, 2008 - 8:47pm

I started working out with a trainer today and we did some work on the boob area and upper arms and I "knew" in theory those muscles existed, but now it is confirmed... I DO have arm muscles and muscles under the boobs!

Tomorrow is another long day on-campus because I have several meetings with faculty/staff on my project as well as going to walk the arena with my family.

My hubby had 2 job interviews today and only 1 looked any good. BUT then there is another company that is trying to move fast on filling this position and Waide is the only candidate for the headhunter. So, I think there is an interview on Thursday. What would be nice about this job is that he would only be 5 miles from our townhouse.

I am excited about my new class on Monday. It is a subject that I am quite familiar with- Management Information Systems... my life is practically ruled by technology.

We are not planning anything big for the 4th of July as we have a huge archery tournament on Saturday and we need to stay as loose and limber for that as possible.

I am tired... good night everyone!

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