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How much longer?

GrobAngel's picture
on July 3, 2008 - 6:51am

Note: for once that's not me asking how much longer to the end of the workday. Luckily, this week is shorter than usual, and we get out at 3:00.
No, I'm wondering how much longer I can do without. Somehow I've managed to go since the Good Morning America concert without listening to Josh. I HAD just been to three incredible shows in the span of one month (the PBS taping, the Paul Simon concert, and GMA), so maybe a little rest couldn't have hurt. The most I'd allow myself was to play some songs on the piano, much to the delight of The Mew (one of Lilith's many nicknames).
But suddenly that feels like nowhere near enough and I have no idea why. Was it because I think I saw Josh fleetingly in one of my dreams? Because I flipped through In Style before work? Because I have a migraine and know there's one person who can make me feel better? I don't know, but I DO know I don't think I feel like waiting until Sunday to watch the live Awake DVD with Lilith so that she can hear him. (One day, when my fiance was blasting Nine Inch Nails in the shower, I told her, "I'm going to play some Josh Groban for you sometime, would you like that?" She looked interested. Further proof that my kitten is smart.)
I've said that me listening to Josh at work is tantamount to drinking on the job (similar reaction), but there's almost no one here today. Or maybe I can persuade my facialist to play one of his CDs this afternoon.

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