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laurel's picture
on July 3, 2008 - 3:10pm

It breaks my heart that some people have to set out to hurt others.There is enough space on the internet that more than one site to appreciate Josh is permitted.To actually make another human being feel threatened and intimidated over a passion is ridicules!
What is in this persons life that she must influence Nay to shut down a well respected and most often visited site.I would like to pass on to Nay that I so appreciated,as a magno Josh fan,her efforts and wonderful postings for the past 4 years.I am sorry that she feels unsafe for sharing her Josh world with us.I hope the other party involved in this wakes up and realizes that she is so not appreciated and needs to seriously rethink her place and approach to fellow human beings.Live and let Live.
All the best Nay and be safe.

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