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I'm melting

laurel's picture
on July 5, 2008 - 10:02am

It is another super hot day in Medicine Hat,Alberta Canada! Yesterday the heat was so oppressive that it felt like a hot blanket and today is well on its way to match it.I dislike this kind of heat as it seems to drain all of your energy and it barely cools of at night.
I can't help but smile as our neighbor's little bunny escapes on a regular basis and comes to our back yard to spend time.What an adorable little thing.He goes home for sleep but has made my yard part of his domain.I have now had to teach my cat that the bunny is off limits and he won't go near it.He just seems indifferent towards it and I think he doesn't care.He would be upset if we brought it into the house however.
I have the whole day to myself as my husband and daughter are at work and I never work week-ends.I used to work at a job a where I worked every week-end so now that I have an option I will now work them.So it is just me and Josh's wonderful voice all day as loud as I want.What I call a perfect day!

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