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very smart cat

laurel's picture
on July 6, 2008 - 10:47am

I have posted about my cat learning to stay away from the bunny that visits my yard.We have had this cat for 11 years and he thinks he is a human being.He responds to tone and inflection and if necessary a spray of water.We used water to change his behavior in the past and now all that is required is to set the misting bottle near the taboo subject.What is so wonderful about our Victoria [yes female name for a male cat]is that he is very intelligent and learns quickly.The misting of water is very seldom used and he responds to tone very nicely.
We did get him through a pet store as a baby and he was sold to us as a female.Even after his first series of shots the vet told us "she" was healthy and it wasn't until one day,while cleaning himself,that we discovered "she" was a he.My daughter was very young at the time and the cat was named after her favorite Spice Girl being Posh or Victoria [now Beckham].So we have a boy named Victoria and he is the king of his domain.I doubt that the cats in early Egyptian times had it as good as this old boy.He sure fits our house hold and is so much a part of it.It does worry me though as he is starting to show his age and I will not want to face tough decisions ahead.We love him to bits and he is a very good boy and also spoiled rotten just the way it should be.

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