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on July 6, 2008 - 4:46pm

Good God, I may not have much of a life, but it's so damn much better than some people!!!

Sometimes, I wonder why I even joined this dang fan club. Especially since I saw similar behavior...well, to my knowledge, not this bad, I guess in the only other fan club I've ever been a member of. I didn't renew there for several reasons, and I will never renew there.

I understand disagreements. They are natural. I hope the viciousness I've seen in recent days is not natural, and only a by-product of who the hell knows what....

But, for all the crap going on here....well, I've 'met' some wonderful people who are really very dear to me now. I have people that I can contact if I have a crappy day, and I have friends who make me laugh and bring me great joy. I hope I do the same for them too.

And I have Josh and his music to thank for that. spite of all the crap, I think I'll just keep my eyes on the reason I ever came here...and on the reason why I remain here.

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