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Why are we sometimes related to bad people

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on July 6, 2008 - 11:47pm

I am so upset at my uncles, I think this is the most upset I have been in a long time!!
Let me start at the beginning:
I told you that my grandparents were not doing so well, my mom has to go and was going to leave with her sister (my aunt) and uncle. I am sorry to talk bad about people, I should respect my elders, but, my uncle said a while back that he was just waiting for my grandparents to die so he can move in to his house!! I was beside myself!! How can you express yourself about your in-laws!!
They heard that my grandpa was asking for everyone because he felt like he was going to die and they both bought their ticket. These are the same people that think that they stole my grandpa's deed. What they don't know is that the house is my grandma's.
Well, I asked my aunt for the flight information and she said that they were leaving on the 7th and that it was flight 947 that left at 10am, this morning (7/6/08) we receive a call from my aunt, she said they are waiting for my mom because they were about to board the plane!!!
They had the audacity to blame me for it, after she gave me the information I verified with her and she said that it was correct and my mom talked to her and she mentioned Monday and she said nothing!!
I am certain that they want one day alone with my grandparents to talk them into trick is more like it!) sigining a tranfer of ownership document!!
I cannot believe that their own daughter will do that to them!! It just makes me so angry, I myself just want my grandparents to live forever, the house is nothing to me, I love them!
Sorry to vent it all out here, but, I kind of feel better knowing that you guys are with me.

Bye for now,
Grobie hugs and kisses,

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