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on July 7, 2008 - 5:53pm

Why does fojg have to be nothing but effing sunshine and rainbows all the time??? It TOTALLY bugs the crap out of me to make attempts at holding a serious conversation around this joint and multiple ding-bats have to pipe up and cry that the thread isn't all full of effing sunshine and rainbows---get the hell out of it then!

If you don't like the discussion taking place in a thread you happen to be investigating---LEAVE IT ALONE---and flipping move on to another thread** and quit screwing around with the threads where the grown-up conversations are being held!!!

SOOOO many topics of discussion* are deleted NOT because of the serious conversations going on in there----but because of the "sunshine & rainbow" people. To tell you the truth--I'm about 90% sunshine and rainbow myself. But, on occasion, it is nice to use that 10% serious side of mine to participate in a grown up discussion once in a while.

I hear mention that people joined fojg as a place to escape real life and be happy. I'm NOT implying that there is ANYTHING wrong with that. There are PLENTY of "sunshine and rainbow" thread choices out there people.

* serious topics of discussion which do not involve slanderous remarks about one another and unfounded accusations

** leaving no ill intended remarks in your wake

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