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I Stand Corrected!...

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on July 7, 2008 - 7:45pm

Yes! Nessa is correct I have to look H-O-T when I meet Josh!

I am going to take this small opportunity to say something about the awful mess that has developed from the current drama. IT SUCKS!!!

I started my new class today and I think it is going to be much better than the calculus. This one is about being a manager in a computer-dominated age. I will have a test every Friday, 2 group projects a random quiz and we have to participate for points as well.

I have to tell you that I am so excited about school this fall! I am starting to really feel like I am almost finished with my degree and that will be such an amazing accomplishment!

But I am looking forward to my trip to SoCal for school business. (If everything works out for the dates and such) My mom doesn't want me driving from KS to California by myself, so she is going to meet me in New Mexico at a friend's house and then we will drive out together. Then we will drive back through Vegas for my birthday. It will be nice to have a 2nd driver and then I can do my reading for classes and sleep during the day. Then take over the driving at night and then just push through as fast as we can.

But I am looking forward to meeting as many Grobies as possible to celebrate Halloween-birthday-and 1st trip to California!

Waide goes and signs his papers for his new job tomorrow. He is really excited about getting back to work, but the break has done him some good.

Can you believe it? The kids go back to school next month? We go and register our kids at the end of this month for school and then the mad dash for school clothes and such begins. But I was lucky, the Disney store shut down here and I scored some major deals for Chloe for school.

Braden wants another pair of Chucks, but this time low-cuts and in black. Chloe wants pink chucks. But out of Waide's first paycheck I have to go and get Braden's new glasses and I PRAY that he won't break these. Guys are so rough on glasses!

Ok, I am off to read my assignments for class!

Peace out!

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