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My kitten's crazy, or a Lilith update

GrobAngel's picture
on July 8, 2008 - 10:28am

Did we adopt a kitten, a mountain goat, a monkey, or a spider? I'm really not sure sometime with Lilith.
Lil will be four months soon, and has doubled in size since we got her. She's still very cute, and is becoming smarter every day. I swear she's starting to understand English - I'll say a toy's name and she'll get it, she mews when I say goodbye in the morning, and it sounded like she said "hi" back to me one morning.
But the climbing...Oh gods, the climbing. It's okay if she climbs furniture (her claws don't do any damage), but it HURTS when she climbs us. She likes to sit on shoulders, and will climb up your leg, chest and back to get there. She also tried climbing my braid once - I am not Rapunzel! But I digress. The craziest climbing was this morning. We have bathrobes hanging off a hook in the bedroom, and she had climbed the top of the hook! There was nothing I could do but laugh and get the camera before pulling her off. I was afraid she'd be stuck up there all day with no one home to bring her down, but my fiance says she wore herself out with all that climbing.

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