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on July 9, 2008 - 12:08am

Well, I have been sitting here for...well...all day. I did finish downloading all the media files I could from Nay's site. Have no idea how I figured it out, but I did--all by myself! Amazing. But I need to be sewing. It's so late, and I haven't sewn the first vest today...only 472 left in this order! Yeah. It'll take a while. And they need as many as they can get at a time. And I understand the urgency and want to deliver...but I'm in the 10th week of pregnancy, and I feel...well...pretty puny! I've still been having some difficulties, too, and don't get to go to the Dr. again until NEXT will have been 5 weeks--in spite of my problem--since the last time they saw me there. And I've called I-don't-know-how-many-times to ask about my symptoms. You'd think they'd be a little more concerned since I had the miscarriage last year. But, since my doctor (who I know would have already seen me if he knew) hasn't apparently gotten the message from the nurse (that's not my nurse either) that keeps answering my calls. I will be filling him in when I see him, for sure! And I don't like to be a "high maintenance" patient, either! I hate to have to call! But I believe I have something "wrong" that could be fixed with a weak antibiotic or's happened before...but that fact seems to elude the nurse I keep talking to...

Oh well, I'm going to go get busy...I need to at least turn in 2 or 3 vests and I am ready for bed...*yawns*

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