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My Trainer kicked my butt today!

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on July 9, 2008 - 3:06pm

Ok, the headache is gone and I got back into the gym. We worked on the quad muscles and I am feeling the burn in the back of the knees. Tomorrow is my walking day, so I will be able to walk off the soreness I am in for!

Then he asked me THE question- "Did you drink any soda yesterday?" My answer was yes. He went on to tell me that working out is going to be wasted because I am not giving up the soda.

~ whatever ~

I am going to school, eating healthy (NO candy, cookies, anything with white flour, chips, and chocolate), dealing with my family. There has be some compromise... that is it for me. I know that he wants me to succeed. Just getting me into the gym is amazing enough. The soda is disappearing, just on my timetable... not his. I also can't drink anything with Nutrasweet because I am allergic to the crap.

BUT to add insult to injury, he put me on one of those @#$% elliptical machines and wanted me to do 25 minutes... I got 6 minutes done before I felt like I was going to pass out.

I have a MAJOR test tomorrow and another one on Friday. I will study tonight and tomorrow for Thursday's test and get it done!


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