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Tomorrow is ..................

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on July 10, 2008 - 8:25pm

The day Harley has surgery on his bladder. Yep. I applied for CareCredit and I was approved so I'm going to have my oldest boy relieved of that nasty calculus that's been causing him to pee pure blood for the last year or two. I'm a little worried about it needless to say ... I'm worried because he's older - he's 10 and he's a little nuts when he can't be by me. He sleeps on my head you know. And now he can't eat anything until ... when I don't know, post-surgical or whatever. It's not easy with 4 other furry friends who need to eat and drink water! Well we'll muddle through it.

On another wonderful note, my ex-husband is starting to cause a LOT of trouble for me by using Duncan. This isn't new really it's just annoying me now more than ever I guess. He's a controlling jerk -- he called me one day at work and said he'd gone to pick up Duncan because Duncan called him crying saying that his sister refused to feed him and that Duncan was "sobbing and saying he was 'starving' " Well how do I respond to that besides with an emphatic Bull SH*T? So I told him that and he said "well that's what Duncan told me." I asked him if he actually believed that Caryn refused to feed Duncan. He said yes, that he firmly believed that. Oh come on! It doesn't matter what Caryn or Mike say to defend themselves Darrin insists they are the ones who are lying and that they are hurting Duncan on purpose. A little bit ago Duncan called me, I had just gotten home from work, still had on my scrubs and was typing out this journal entry ... he asked if I was going to pick him up at his dad's. I told him I was tired, I'd just gotten home from work and didn't want to go back out - not to mention always in the back of my mind now is wasting gas that I don't have and absolutely need to get to work. I'd picked up Duncan from his dad's yesterday and the idiot came and got him today. So I told Duncan I couldn't get him. He said his dad said he would have to drop Duncan off tomorrow morning at 5:30AM or 6. I said I wouldn't be up that early. I asked Darrin why if he was just going to drop Duncan off that early did he come and get him today - he said Duncan called him and told him he was starving and that no one would help him get something to eat. Now hold the phone ... I don't believe that crap for one second. First off Duncan is 9 damn years old, I think he knows how to get food for himself secondly if he asks someone for something unless they are very busy doing something else they would get him something ... at least I would hope they would ... I can't imagine anyone in my household denying Duncan anything to eat. That just doesn't make sense and he should know that. Nope, he firmly believes that no one will feed Duncan and then Duncan makes up stuff and he feeds it to Darrin and Darrin chastises me for it. I can tell he's on the verge of doing something legally about it, trying to take away custody or making himself the custodial parent and I just can't have that. He's a total jerk and would do that in a heartbeat if he thought he could get away with it -- and now that the lazy bastard is off of work for a back strain he probably could. It's got me in tears. The other day when I picked up Duncan from his dad's I was going to get a pizza for dinner and so I asked Duncan if he'd had dinner. He said no he hadn't. It was after 8PM so I called Darrin and I said "How come Duncan hasn't had dinner, it's after 8!" He said He DID have dinner. I said that's funny he's telling me he didn't have dinner and he's starving. Oh how the tables turn! He said no, he did have dinner so I pointed it out to him how Duncan sees things differently than adults do. He said 'don't pull that crap on me.' Not to mention I had pointed out to Darrin that when MY kids were little he used to punish them in awful ways like withholding dinner or throwing away everything in their room. His response: THAT WAS DIFFERENT. I asked him HOW that was different. His stupid response: This is DUNCAN. So it didn't matter that he treated MY OTHER children like garbage this is DUNCAN. That makes me so mad I want to beat him until he can't breathe. What kind of idiot acts like that? I guess I should stop talking about it because it's making me mad I want to scream. Really I just want to curl up in my bed and go to sleep because I want to stay sleeping until it's about time to take Harley to the doctor. Please say a prayer for kitty if you can. I would be grateful.

Thanks guys.

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