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Hospital Scare!!!

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on July 10, 2008 - 11:10pm

Hello everybody,
I thought I'd never be so scared in my life, but, it happened this Tuesday.
The morning seemed normal, my son was a little sick, we gave him some Mucinex, that has been helping him now that his Promethazine was removed at my request (he is Autistic and Promethazine made him walk on tip toes, he would stop talking, basically he regressed).
The bus came to pick him up and all was normal.
At about 10am I receive a call from my son's father and he tell me the words that a mother doesn't want to hear.
"Don't get scared, Alfonso is in the hospital, he threw up at school and collapsed, the school called 911 because the nurse could not find a pulse!!" At that point i hit the floor(figuratively speaking). I heard nothing around me, all I heard was those 7 words "...the nurse could not find a pulse!"
He was under supervision, he was yellow and his lips pale, his father was scared when he first saw him, he was so weak, not at all the energetic 7 yr old that I know and love.
My son heard his father (at this point my son was just gone in thought, he was staring at the wall)and he inmmediately said,"you're here!!" His face lit up and he started to get better, they did some blood work and he it was all good.
The doctor said it was the Mucinex, the dosage was too strong, even though I gave him 1 1/3 TSP instead of the 2 TSP that was recommended for his age and weight. His body gets rid of anything that is hurting it and apparenatly the phlegm was hurting his body. That is why his body started to throw up (Mucinex is an expectorant), but, at the same time he was getting dihydrated and his body decided to shut down. It was trying to preserve any fluids it could.
He is fine now and we have to take him to see his primary doctor.
I was soo scared, I could not function properly.

I will keep you guys posted.
Bye for now,

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