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Sweet relief!

MJKC9397's picture
on July 11, 2008 - 9:18am

Well, I did it! I went for the sonogram yesterday! BABY IS FINE!!! Healthy, strong heartbeat--music to my ears, and wiggly! LOL I was so relieved, I once again cried. My sweet little baby is doing just fine...which means, I too am doing much better. (I haven't posted this previously, but the night before, the Dr. on call had made me think I was having another miscarriage. It was torture having to wait until the next day to get the ultrasound. Luckily, I have an acquaintance who is a OB nurse practitioner...after calling a few of my friends to locate her number, she talked me through my sadness and calmed me so I could sleep that night! There's more to all that, but that's the nutshell version...)

After the ultrasound was completed, we ran a few errands and then took the girls to see the Kit Kittredge American Girl movie. It was really good! Craig didn't think he would really like it much...he did...and he would be really upset if I told you his real reaction! LOL We walked around the mall a little while, and then went to eat at Cracker Barrel before heading home. I had no idea how tired I was until we got here...I headed straight for my PJs, cuddled up in the recliner, and just...well...relaxed! For the first time in a while!, today I have some deliveries to make, and another consultation for another sewing job. I know...500 vests should be enough to keep me busy, but I thought I could take on somthing that could serve as an "intermission" to the monotony of sewing the same thing over and over! Truthfully, the vests haven't been so bad...I just really enjoy the challenge of sewing new things a lot.

Well, gotta get on all that! Hope everyone has a great day!

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