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Feeling very numb right now...

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on July 11, 2008 - 6:35pm

I did a recalculation of my grades- Financial Management- 69.8% overage (D) Management Information Systems- 79.8% (C). (Currently)

Lets just say I am feeling pretty low right now. Ladies I am working my a$$ off in financial management and I am just not getting it. I REALLY studied hard for this one, re-copied the homework, went to class early and worked with everyone and I still only got a 65.5% on the test. That really hurt that I didn't get a C on that test. I have 1 more test in this class with quizzes and homework assignments; not to mention our project. I am praying that this next test will yield a C and everything is always turned in and I usually get 100% on quizzes. My analysis project has already begun, so that is the least of my worries.

I am just so thrashed on this one and I have turned off all of my emotion now when it comes to the class because I feel like it has beaten me. I really need a strong C in that class.

I know school is supposed to be challenging, but when you are already at a disadvantage in the higher math department... it makes you wonder if it is all worth it?

I have to take that calculus class over, not to mention statistics, and 1 more accounting class.

Doubt is starting to settle in

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