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on July 11, 2008 - 10:50pm

Tonight is a night to reflect on all the wonderous things in life.......


A friendship

A Romance

A Family


The courage to love again

Opening up the heart

Finding ones strength

Encouraging anothers strengths

The Beauty of God's creations.....

The living Earth

A childs smile

The expression of the heart

A song that inspires

The passion that lies deep inside our souls

To feel loved even when it seems so far

All the feelings that come from being in love

The ability to learn something new about another

Connecting with human kindness

The willingness to take the time to cherish anothers internal gifts

The belief in starting over

Believing it is ok to be happy

Not being afraid to make mistakes

Knowing its ok to NOT be perfect

Acceptance of being different from others

Having courage to be yourself

Having the courage to not let others tell you how you should live YOUR life

WE live in such a world that is focused on being "the best" or having "the best" that people often forget the true beauty and gifts that really make up life. When life ends for you, what will you have to say about the way you lived?

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