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I ran out of gas ....

ObiWanCannoli's picture
on July 12, 2008 - 5:23pm

No really ... ::sigh:: well it was either pay the rent or pay my gas bill and my cell phone bill so guess what? I have no gas and no cell phone. Can I tell you how bloody INVIGORATING it is to take a shower in ice cold water? Holy hell ... it almost hurts! But it feels great when I'm finished and I'm cool for a while! I got on the treadmill today and got myself good and heated - sweating like a pig - then went and took an ice cold shower. Brrrrrrr!!!!!! Not to mention ... owwwwww! Almost painful! I spent an hour last night heating water in the electric kettle and putting it into the tub so I could get Emma and Allie clean before bed. What a pain!!!!!! So I feel like white trash in a gorgeous house. Hopefully next week will see me able to pay these things and get them going. And now Harley has had his surgery ... if I can just find him I could give him his pain medicine. I think he probably needs it by now. Oh, and I desperately need a washer and dryer ... the owners of the house took them with her even though she said they were staying with the house because hers broke down and since they were still paying for the ones that were here they took them with. I'm sorely disappointed but understand why they did. Wow, I'm quite the whiner tonight aren't I? Time to go find Harley ....

::edited:: I found Harley and he took his medicine like a good boy. I hope the pain pill has made him feel better. He seemed okay anyway. Duncan and I watched Raider of the Lost Ark tonight, he thoroughly enjoyed it! Now I'm tired and have had some wine so it's bed time. Have a great night.

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