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on July 13, 2008 - 9:37am

well, i called mom's boyfriend and told him that i was sorry that the situation at the hospital had escalated to the point that he had to leave. i made sure he knew that i was not sorry for having him kicked out, just sorry that he forced my hand to getting him kicked out and he actually apologized for calling me names. i assured him that i would have him kicked out again if he tried to give mom meds or got nasty with me.

he has always (3 years) treated me like i was an intruder and i always feel like he is trying to chase me away. i live less than a block from my mom and mom and i share legal guardianship of my Down syndrome sister. i have spent 12 years taking care of mom and my sister and i think michael is jealous. mom has money and i think he sees me as competition. he likes my son and daughter-in-law and is so nice to them.

and now, completely surprising to me, he is actually treating me politely. i guess he realizes that, being mom's next of kin, i have the ability to kick him completely out of the picture.

mom was moved from the hospital to an extended care facility yesterday for physical therapy. she will be there til her pelvic fractures heal and she learns to walk again.

i am looking forward to some kind of normalcy again, but that is several weeks away, if at all... mom has severe osteoporosis so she may not ever be the same after these fractures ...

for the short periods of time that i am at home, i have Josh's voice and music to soothe me ... i cannot believe how much he helps ... his voice is better than valium cuz he not only soothes the nerves, but the soul ... i hope he knows how much he and his music do for us ...

Grobie hugs to everyone!

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