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So Close...

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on July 13, 2008 - 4:50pm

*Gah, now I'm sniffling away not because of a movie but because of a darn summer cold.

Sometimes it's hard writing these things because I'll have a lot I want to say but finding the energy to actually sit here and rehash all my thoughts...I'm over it sometimes. Like this past week. My country concert summer kicked off Wednesday seeing Dierks Bentley. I always liked him but seeing him live- the energy he had was amazing and I went out and bought his other two cds that I didn't have. If you want to see clips of my videos, find a post of mine on the boards and in my siggy is a link to my youtube videos. A guy in the front proposed during Dierks' song My Last Name. There is a line that says So darlin' if you're wondering, why I asked you here tonight- I wanna be your husband, I want you to be my wife...and during this part Dierks looks over and is like are you proposing? :) And he started that verse over. It got me a little teary. It was a very nice moment. Other moments weren't so nice because we were on the aisle and had the losers that popped out every 30 seconds to go get more beer. So annoying. On to the good parts: I got some great pics and I gotta go over to Rite Aid tomorrow and get them printed.


The last few weekends have been miserable heat wise- high 90's and this weekend was no different. I was at KMart and decided to get a few more Disney dvds so I could get rid of the VHS tapes. The only sad thing is that I like the original quality of the tapes as far as being authentic to what they were when they made them. The Disney dvd's "touch it up" to make the color brigher which I understand is nice, of course, but to me as far as the Disney classics are concerned I think that original color helps make it what it is.

I think my all time favorite Disney move is not animated. I love love love (over and over) Enchanted. That movie makes me laugh and makes my heart melt every time I watch it. If you haven't seen it I highly recommend it. It's not just a kid's movie it's a testament to true love :) Giselle lives in a fantasy world where she thinks love is forever and it can never end. Robert lives where there are no happily ever afters aka "The real world" and no longer believes in the power of true love. I love how they help each other see what the other doesn't. There are two moments that I love best. One is the first time Giselle realizes she's feeling the human emotion of anger and it's not just all la di da anymore. Robert tells her he doesn't sing- like she does when she suggests using that as a way to tell someone they love them. The greatest moment comes towards the end (spoiler alert, sorry) when they are dancing at this ball and the way they are both looking at each other and how he looks at her there is so much love and he starts singing to her! It's the most perfect moment ever.


I have to rewind it each time because I love it so much. I'm not the romantic all out person- I don't do Valentine's day and I have quite the sarcastic sense of humor and yet I love the cheeseyness of Disney movies but this one is simply the best. His singing to her is the moment when he realizes he loves her. She knows that he's her true love and not Prince Edward (whom btw is hilarious- his best line is "I don't know what melodramatic means") It is a really funny movie too...the prince is classically dumb and I love it. Oh and did I mention, Robert is played by Patrick Dempsey who is absolutely swoon worthy in this movie. :) makes me so happy. I wish we could post youtube clips in here but this is the link to the clip I'm talking about:

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