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on July 13, 2008 - 8:26pm

is what i say whenever i see a BP picture of our guy.

my weekend was actually great. saturday (besides getting a car) we had a BBQ in our back yard. just my parents. alonso, edwin, karen, leilanni, derek, karen's parents and edwin's girlfriend, lydia.
great food, and it was fun!

today, my mom and my aunts and karen had a meeting here or like a showing. it's for Melaleuca and about buying health products, etc.

my aunt made PUPUSAS. salvadorian food. it's tortillas filled with either, cheese, or pork or both. i don't eat pork, but those are really good.

i've been working on the cards that i'm making for the South Central Gifted Scholar's Fund. i decided to use the color's orange (represents CLOSER) and blue, (represents AWAKE).

i probably won't be here when the cards and school supplies are taken to the students, but i'm glad to be part of this.

i'm including one of josh's quotes that really means a lot to me.

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