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A Lesson in the Inter-connectivity of All Things

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on July 14, 2008 - 8:44pm

So... mixed results from the doc today.

Here's the short version of the story: about a week or so ago, everything just crashed. I think that's the best way to put it- it all just went *kerplode*. The scale all but stopped moving (and when it did budge, it went up), work became utterly unbearable (40 hours of pure pain), there was the 3rd anniversary of mom's passing in there, car troubles, skating complications, I was absolutely exhausted (not sleepy, but heck I as fatigued), I was thirsty ALL THE TIME (seriously, no human should be thirsty enough to drink around 150+ oz of water PER DAY and thanks to my coworkers for confronting me on that one), I was cold all the time (when it's 100+ degrees out, one should want to turn on the AC), and then the headaches started. It was like clockwork: every 2 to 2 1/2 hours after I'd eat anything WHAM! Instant migrane.

So off to the doc I went to make sure it wasn't anything scary. A CT scan, a bazillion blood tests, and a week of anxious terror later the results all come back....


Yeah. My doc laughed a little and I cried. I am the very picture of perfect health. Not a single measure out of the ideal range.

The grand solution of the moment? Anti-depressants. I'm stressed and the brain has somehow stopped making the right mix of neurotransmitters... therefore I get migranes when I eat, drink water constantly, and freeze in 100 degree heat. O Curse the inter-connectivity of the human mind and body.

... Not sure what to think about this one. The psychologist in me knows that anti-depressants get used for a lot of different conditions and I don't feel the way I've always expected "depression" to feel. I don't ever really feel sad... but I guess I am "wound up" most of the time...


Really, I should be the first to publicly acknowledge my own ignorance really- after all, 15 weeks and 4 multiple choice tests do NOT a clinical psychologist make. I spent most of my psych degree focused on decision making and reasoning processes and glazed over all that clinical stuff. I have a tremendous respect for clinical psychologists (and their clients!) cause it's a job I know I'm not cut out for. My doc is a bright man and he's always impressed me with his ability to make things right. I will give things a try- the worst that can happen is that nothing improves, in which case I go back to the doc and we try something else.


...I guess in the meanwhile, I'll try reading more... perhaps there's a new... blog... yeah- that's it! Maybe I'll go look for a new blog to read...

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