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what a night!

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on July 14, 2008 - 10:33pm

Dominic was born July 14th!

he came into the world about an hour and a half ago. he weight 6.5lbs and 19 inches long.

i took pictures but i can't post them without the mom's permission.

so, i called Daniel...i gave him directions. i was with Yvonne's family in the waiting area and Daniel was in the hall.

i didn't tell you the whole story, but daniels family, including my family (who's close with yvonne) don't like daniel.
so, in the hospital, one of yvonne's brothers really wanted to just beat the life out of daniel. he didn't do anything because we wouldn't let him, but that's just an idea of how bad this guy is.

i don't want to get in too much stuff, but this baby needs to be prepared to live with this family. it's a sad thing, and it's not Dominic's fault.

i just hope that we can get along with the baby's father.

thank you all for the prayers and good thoughts!

well, looky here...groban's alive!!!

i see the message he wrote...i can't wait to see the upcoming blogs.
very exciting.

this means, he still wants us. AHAHAHAHA!!

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